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Other things!

Where is here and there?
Here can't be there because here is here, but there can't be here because here is here and there is there but there is no there cause if I move there it becomes here and the here I was at becomes there, so there is not there because if I move there it becomes here, but I am here and there at the same time, if here is there and there is here than where is here and there?

Quote #56742
ChubbehBear quotes, May 13, 2011, 3:15:57 PM
<ChubbehBear>I gotta vent. :V
<TranssexualJesus>VENT AWAY
<ChubbehBear>Guys, I'm f*cking sick of this. I'm almost 20 and haven't been able to score a better job than a f*cking cook at a local fast food joint.
<TranssexualJesus>At least you have a damn job
<ChubbehBear> What makes it worse is that I live in a small town so business is pretty limited, and where I work is the only place that'll hire high school graduates.
<ChubbehBear>I'd get the hell out of this town if I could actually drive too, but I've failed every damn test I've ever taken. I'm socially awkward, even my only other co-worker f*cking hates my guts.
<TranssexualJesus> ChubbehBear I can not even find a damn job here in town, All the other teens and older people took them
<ChubbehBear>I have repressed lust for one of my best friends too; she's athletic, smart and a gorgeous southern bell. I love her. You know what it's like; I've been friend zoned real hard.
<ChubbehBear>She's my only real friend, besides this one kid, who I'm pretty sure is only hanging around me because he is mentally challenged. I guess he's the only one that can tolerate me.
<ChubbehBear>And what makes this all f*cking worse is that I live in a f*cking pineapple under the sea.

Quote #56768
:devMochionMan: quotes, May 14, 2011, 1:13:13 AM
02:12:22 AM <ChubbehBear> Hello, welcome to Ass Burgers, where we'll take your verrrrrrry specific order at the first window. :J

In loving memory, Robin Williams. July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014.
TV & film actor, stand-up comedian, husband, father, human being.

Mega-feature for Chubbehbear

All of this is by ChubbehBear

MochironMan Request by ChubbehBear Rage Of A Saiyan by ChubbehBear BattleCoon by ChubbehBear Dragon Buster by ChubbehBear ReinBow by ChubbehBear Frosty Mage by ChubbehBear Smooth by ChubbehBear Bear Berserker by ChubbehBear Rose by ChubbehBear Grimjow by ChubbehBear Crazy Hair Temari by ChubbehBear Curves by ChubbehBear MochironMan Request by ChubbehBear Snow Kitty by ChubbehBear X and Zero by ChubbehBear PSO HUcast by ChubbehBear Chaos by ChubbehBear Shattered Chains: Chapter 2First post is ~ChubbehBear
Second post is *MochironMan
--Charles became enveloped in a serious aura as he considered this being. " How did you two become one? Or are all of your kind born with two minds? " His head was yet somehow filled with curiosity at this person, despite only having been in his presence for not but a few hours. He was returned to his mind with this stunning discovery, and away from his purpose, if not momentarily as he sat a bit more upright.
--Vaneira spoke quietly so to not grab the attenition of any nearby folk. No one knew of her existence but this man, Charles. "I'm one body; two individuals." she stated clearly. She pulled her hood back up and hid her face in the shadow, only candle light glinting off of the eyes that were her violets. She honestly seemed so.... helpless the way she was, having only to be trapped in this 'home' that she resided in. Life was harsh in Isarii but both Ven and she found to manage.
--Charles considers all of this, still jutting m
Shattered Chains: Chapter 1First post is *MochironMan
Second post is ~ChubbehBear
--Ven explored the market place for anything he could find useful, having some change pocketed. He didn't have much but he had enough for food and some water for the day so he had no complaints. He was adept to conditions in a desert-like area so he knew the lands well.
--Charles observed the half-barren, half vegetated landscape in front of him, wiping his brow with the cloth-end of his glove, his greatsword weighing a little heavily on his back. Spotting the town he was traveling for, he broke off at a slow pace, sliding down the sudden steep ridges of the desert shelves, the sun seeming hotter with each passing second.
--Ven walked passed one of the main cosway entrances and looked out to the great dunes of the marvelous and yet lethal desert. Only a fool would go out there unprepaired and do his disbeliefe he caught a glimmer; a sight of someone travelling towards. He stepped through the main arch and stood outside of the Arab
Voluptuous Lugia by ChubbehBear Dragon Form Idea by ChubbehBear Mariah-Dragon Commish: Nythera by ChubbehBear Toxicoow Commision by ChubbehBear Blues-Blastoise Comission by ChubbehBear 1 Minute Doodle by ChubbehBear Oh, hello ladies by ChubbehBear Hurr by ChubbehBear Okay with this by ChubbehBear Fluffy Thingie by ChubbehBear
Creeper by ChubbehBear Journal Graphic by ChubbehBear LolDbzFlash by ChubbehBear OM NOM NOM. by ChubbehBear Zain part 1 by ChubbehBear

A little giggle-fave of mine... 10k. NOW I CAN FOCUS ON ART. by ChubbehBear
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  • Playing: With my thumbs / Guild Wars 2
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Hey there everyone! :D

It's been quite a while, hasn't it? It has and well you know I apologize for that.
I hardly use DeviantART all that much anymore, but I do still come around every
now and then. Just it's not too big on my priority list, anymore. I'm sure some of
you have noticed that though. Whiiiiiiich is why I'mma let you know where you
can find me otherwise, where I am more active.

You can find me on FurAffinity

where I am more active, absolutely.

This link will take you there.

Also just a note, I have seen some things in the past that suggest
links to FurAffinity are not allowed because of the porn on that site.
Yeah well, in order to view that porn, you have to be signed in, so
that rule can go ahead and suck it.

Anyway everyone,

It's really nice of you all who have stuck around with me.

Of the 250(?)+ watchers I got, I'm really happy that a lot of you have
stuck around and looked at what I gave in the past handful of years,
read my journals and shared what I thought about and said and even
participated. I'm quite aware that I did not have a particularly good
appearance here a few years ago.

But you know, I think I'm doing good on changing that.

Either way, however. I am sorry that I'm not too active in these past
couple of years on deviantART. It's literally because of Guild Wars 2 and
now a lack of desire to come on this site. Like I said, I do still come around,
but not too often. I even still add people to my watch list haha.
You'll definitely find a more active me on FurAffinity though.

No, this is not a 'Leaving DeviantART' journal.

It's just a thing that lets you know I'm still alive in other places.

How I've been lately.

I've been alright.  Mostly just work and come home and do little. The same
every day.  It's not so bad. I just like making money and sleeping now.
I am so disappointed though, I was about to buy a new-to-me
fully loaded 2003 Ford Escape, mint, for $3500.  Someone snagged it. :(
Oh well, something will come around.
I've been thinking about a lot of things too, lately.  But I don't think
I should go into very much detail unfortunately. Some personal stuff mainly.
Granted, none of it has hindered my ability to do things. :)

I still love working with computers. I've got all kinds of stuff that I've
picked up here and there. It's fun working with the stuff. And now, new
stuff is coming out on the market. Joy!

I think that's about it for now.

Leave a comment, tell me how you are or come tell me on FurAffinity how you are :)
What's up and stuff?

Have some music, too.

Friends Make Garbage (Good Friends Take It Out)
- Low Roar


New icon :D by MochironMan

:bulletred: General notes about my profile: :bulletred:

:bulletgreen: - Please be respectful of my content and person! Treat me how you would like to be treated!
:bulletgreen: - I won't tolerate any form of negativity on any part of my profile! This will be the only warning!
:bulletgreen: - Please do not self-promote on my page- it's inconsiderate and I find it rude! I will look if I want!

My system specs if curious:

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Asus Maximus VI Formula
Intel Haswell Core i7 4790K @ 4 GHz
Corsair H100i closed loop liquid CPU cooler
G.Skill Ripjaws - X F3-12800 16GB 4x4 DDR3
Asus Radeon R9 290X DCU II 4GB GDDR5 OC 2-way CrossFire
Rosewill Lightning Series 1000w LIGHTNING PSU 80+ Gold
Cooler Master HAF-X 942
Samsung Evo 850 500GB X2 RAID 0</b>

Hi there! Are you having any trouble? Well look no further;

Want to make your profile look spiffy?
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Common customer or new to deviantART messaging network? Here's some quick tips! :D
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Help & Faq

by JesseLax


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